OAM of DTH hammers
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                              DTH hammer's penetration comes from air flow and air pressure in the piston case. The cleaner the air and the sharper the bit, the better performance and longevity you will get from the hammer.

                              Close attention should be kept to the hammer's operation.?It is a heavy tool, and can hurt someone or become damaged if dropped. Be sure to have a clear area when moving the hammer. Do not exceed suggested operating limitations for its use. Always use the proper tools for assembly and disassembly. Don't improvise. This will ensure that your hammer works effectively for a long time to come.?Any kind of dirt, dust or dampness can shorten the life of the parts or interfere with the quality of the oil twice as quickly. Close attention to the use of the hammer, its operating pressure, operating hours and penetration rate will inform its owner of safe service intervals.?

                              All hammers must be frequently disassembled and inspected for damage or wear.?How often the hammer will be inspected depends on the drilling conditions.When using the hammer in wet conditions, in holes where mud is found, in water wells, when using water or foam injection, or when drilling in very hard rock, an inspection should take place every 100 hours. Damaged or worn parts must be replaced immediately. Also, a standard check of the tool after its first 6-10 hours of operation is beneficial to detect any early problems.?


                              When using water or foam injection, remember to clean hammer thoroughly at the end of the day by flushing with clean water and compressed AIR then re-lubricate.?