Safety Precaution
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                              1. Know your Product - Close attention should be kept to the hammer's operation. It is a heavy tool and can hurt someone or be damaged if dropped. Be sure to have a clear area when moving the hammer. Do not exceed suggested operating limitations for use. Always use the proper tools for assembly and disassembly. Don't improvise. This will insure that your hammer works effectively for a long time to come. 

                               2. Proper Attire - Safety starts with what you're wearing. Make sure work clothes fit snugly and there is no excess cloth that can be caught in the equipment. Protect your head with a hard hat, ear guards, and eye-wear that deflects matter thrown into the air during hammer use. Protect your hands with durable work gloves and your feet with sturdy steel toe shoes or boots.

                              3. Know your Environment - Always be aware of your drilling conditions. Take precautions for every possible occurrence from weather to chemical mixes in materials that can cause explosions. Evaluate every site carefully before drilling to be prepared for potential complications. 

                              4. Compressed Air - Compressed air can be dangerous if not used correctly. Never direct air towards any person for any reason. Do not use it to clean anything but the hammer and make sure it doesn't blow anything into the hammer. 


                              All safety precautions must be followed. Improper or negligent use of hammers and drill products can result in bodily injury, or death and/or severe damage to the hammer and parts. 

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